DIRTY LAUNDRY . Exhibition

October 2020 . Berlin

Dear friends,
I am very pleased to invite you to the Freelens group exhibition »DIRTY LAUNDRY« within this years’ European Month of Photography festival in Berlin.

Around the main topic of wars an crisis, I will show a new photofilm about a great Syrian woman:
"Safaa - How a Word Can Change A World".

With works of: Lela Ahmadzai, Wolfgang Bellwinkel, Philipp Breu, Claude Bühler, Christian Ditsch, Jörg Gläscher, Andreas B. Krüger, Andrea Künzig, Amélie Losier, Andreas Meichsner, Heike Steinweg, Rainer F. Steußloff, Karen Stuke, Claudia Wiens.

Opening: October 8th at 6pm
Exhibition: 9 October - 20 November 2020
Fotogalerie Friedrichshain
Helsingforser Platz 1
10243 Berlin

Thank you to Felix Häwrään from the Fotogalerie Friedrichshain, FREELENS and EMOP Berlin - European Month of Photography

Amitiés, Amélie


September 2020 . Potsdam

Dear friends,
I am happy to invite you to the opening of the exhibition ‘BERLIN BEIRUT BERLIN’ with pictures of great photographer and friend Marwan Tahtah and me!
Vernissage on 30. September 2020 at the AE Galerie, Charlottenstr. 13, 14467 Potsdam.
Thank you to Angelika Euchner for the invitation!
Amitiés, Amélie

Exhibition: 1. October - 15. November 2020

Face to Face . Exhibition

April 2020 . St Petersburg virtual

Dear friends,

a good news in these crazy days: you can now visit our exhibition Face to Face (Frank Gaudlitz and Amélie Losier) in the gallery rooms at Rosphoto in St. Petersburg, Russia in a virtual tour under the following link:
Many many thanks go to the Goethe-Institut St. Petersburg and the Center for Photography Rosphoto, especially to Günther Hasenkamp and Jana Soboleva. Bravo!

Take care!

SAYEDA . Exhibition

February 2020 . St. Petersburg

Dear friends,
I am very happy to invite you to our exhibition VON ANGESICHT ZU ANGESICHT / FACE TO FACE in Rosphoto in St Petersburg: dear friend and great photographer Frank Gaudlitz will show his work SONNENSTRASSE (The Road of the Sun), for which he traveled to South America on the steps of naturalist Alexander von Humboldt, and I will show SAYEDA - Women in Egypt, in which I explored the life of modern Egyptian women. Both of us studied under unforgettable master German photographer Arno Fischer.

Rosphoto writes: « The title of the exhibition FACE TO FACE reflects the photographers’ pursuit of honest and open dialogue with their models, as well as with Each other ». As we used to learn from dear late Arno Fischer…

Many thanks go to the Goethe Institut of St Petersburg for this wonderful exhibition idea, and to Rosphoto to welcome us in its beautiful place!

Hope to see you there!
Amitiés, Amélie

Vernissage открытие выставки 28.02.2020, 18:00
ROSPHOTO, ul. Bolschaja Morskaja 35
РОСФОТО, ул. Большая Морская, 35
Saint Petersburg Санкт-Петербург, Russia

January 2020 . Bonne année

Les amies et amis, je vous souhaite une belle nouvelle année 2020!
Comme Agnès Varda le dit: vive l'inspiration, la création et l'échange...
Au plaisir de vous revoir,

Dialog19 . Culture residency in St. Petersburg

September 2019 . St. Petersburg

Chères amies, chers amis,

I am very pleased to have been nominated with 9 other artists and curators for the DIALOG19 residency program, which is sponsored by the Goethe Institute Saint Petersburg and the Petersburg Museum of Non-Conformist Art and funded by the Federal Foreign Office. Thank you!!

How exciting to be soon in the city where my grand-mother grew up more that hundred years ago!

On September 17th 2019 at 7pm, I will present my latest project "SAYEDA, Women in Egypt" at the Goethe Institute in St. Petersburg.

Nab. Reki Moiki 58
190000 St. Petersburg

See you there!
Гёте-институт в Петербурге

SAYEDA . Photofilms screening

Cairo . April 2019

Chères amies, chers amis,

I am very happy to invite you at the screening of my 4 photofilms about my project "SAYEDA, Women in Egypt"
during the Goethe Institute Film Week
on Sunday 21th. April 2019 at 8pm! I'll be there!


Goethe Institute Cairo - Dokki
17, Sh. Hussein Wasef
Midan El-Missaha

RAWIYA, Her Life in Her Own Hands
Photofilm, 6min, Arabic with english subtitles , 2017

Kurzfilm, 7min, French, Arabic, English with english subtitles 2018

ZEINAB, Liberté, Égalité, Féminité
Photofilm, 4min45, French with english subtitles , 2019

DOUNIA, Strength to breath. Freedom to choose
Photofilm, 5min15, French with english subtitles , 2019

I thank you all the great women I've met during this fabulous adventure in Egypt during the last five years!

I hope to meet you all there!

Amitiés, Amélie

BORDERLINE . Exhibition

October 2018 . Berlin

"BORDERLINE" was a happy and successful group-exhibition of the Berlin group of FREELENS in the Salon Wellenmaschine during the European Month of Photography in Berlin. We’ve made a newspaper with a print run of 5000, had more than 500 visitors in less than two weeks and a great discussion evening about the futur of photojournalism with editors and journalists Brigitte Fehrle, Michael Pfister, Michael Biedowicz and Miriam Zlobinski.

Thanks to all participants for this great adventure! You could see works of: Stefan Boness, Pierro Chiussi, Robert Conrad, Chiara Dazi, Daniela Finke, Dagmar Gester, Stefan Hoederath, Ann-Christine Jansson, Nika Kramer, Ingo Kuzia, Cordia Schlegelmilch, Rainer F. Steußloff, Yvonne Szallies, Andrea Vollmer, Sabine von Breunig and me.

BORDERLINE, European Month of Photography, Salon Wellenmaschine, October 2018

Portraits "Deutschland spricht" for Zeit Online . On assignment

September 2018 . Berlin

I was very lucky and happy to work for ZEIT ONLINE, which organized "Deutschland spricht": in whole Germany met two people with different opinion to discuss. 10 pairs of them came in front of my camera. Huge thanks to photo director Michael Pfister and the great team of ZEIT ONLINE for this wonderful job! It was great to meet all this different persons in front of my camera.

Have a look on ZEIT ONLINE :


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