BORDERLINE . Exhibition

October 2018 . Berlin

"BORDERLINE" was a happy and successful group-exhibition of the Berlin group of FREELENS in the Salon Wellenmaschine during the European Month of Photography in Berlin. We’ve made a newspaper with a print run of 5000, had more than 500 visitors in less than two weeks and a great discussion evening about the futur of photojournalism with editors and journalists Brigitte Fehrle, Michael Pfister, Michael Biedowicz and Miriam Zlobinski.

Thanks to all participants for this great adventure! You could see works of: Stefan Boness, Pierro Chiussi, Robert Conrad, Chiara Dazi, Daniela Finke, Dagmar Gester, Stefan Hoederath, Ann-Christine Jansson, Nika Kramer, Ingo Kuzia, Cordia Schlegelmilch, Rainer F. Steußloff, Yvonne Szallies, Andrea Vollmer, Sabine von Breunig and me.

BORDERLINE, European Month of Photography, Salon Wellenmaschine, October 2018