Street photography and TV report about Robert Doisneau Exhibition

December 2016 . Berlin

I was very happy to contribute to a TV report of german television RBB/ARD about the new exhibition on photographer Robert Doisneau - Photographs, from Craft to Art (until 5 March 2017) in the Martin Gropius Bau. Many thanks to Dr. Susanne Rockweiler and Prof. Gereon Sievernich from the Martin Gropius Bau and to the television programm Stillbruch and journalist Sascha Hilpert for showing my work and let me talk a little on street photography!

Please have a look (on german) on the ARD Mediathek:

And visit the great exhibition until 5 March 2017 at Martin Gropius Bau:

FILMRISS . Exhibition

October 2016 . Berlin

You are welcome to visit the group exhibiton FILMRISS a part of the European Month of Photography!
You ca see my work about Alzheimer disease "Words are flying away. The exiled memory"

Exhibition 7. Oktober - 31. Dezember 2016

Kommunale Galerie Steglitz-Zehlendorf
Schloßstraße 10, 1. OG im BOULEVARD BERLIN, 12163 Berlin

With photographers: Eva Brunner, Michele Caliari, Marion Elias, Jeroen Goulooze, Michael Hughes, Susanne Leibold, Amélie Losier, Lutz Matschke, Stephanie Neumann, Christian Reister, Christoph Schieder, Irina Tübbecke, Luca Vecoli , Nicole Woischwill

Photography books sunday: 16.10.2016

ARTIST TALK: 19.10.2016, 6pm with Nicole Woischwill, Stephanie Neumann and Amélie Losier

ARTIST TALK: 16.11.2016, with Christoph Schieder, Eva Brunner, Christian Reister and Jeroen Goulooze
ARTIST TALK: 07.12.2016, with Luca Vecoli and Michael Hughes

Sharmila . Exhibition

September 2016 . Berlin

Until 7th of October 2016 you can see in Berlin the group exhibition "Angekommen?!" with work of 38 photographers of the organisation FREELENS as excerp of the national photography project "Bitte Warten...". I present the photofilm "Sharmila", a portrait of an afghan woman who escaped from Afghanistan in 2013 and came to Berlin, because her job as journalist became dangerous for her family and herself

Sharmila, 5 min, German with engl. Subtitels, 2015

Landesvertretung Rheinland-Pfalz
In den Ministergärten 6, 10117 Berlin
Mon-Sun 10am-6pm

Photobooks Exhibition . FREELENS ON BOOKS

September . Berlin

1. September 2016, 20.00 Uhr
Bar Babette, Karl Marx Allee 36, Berlin

Are you photographer, graphic designer, publisher? Do you tinker with the idea of publishing a book? Do you collect photography books?

Then come to FREELENS ON BOOKS, an event of the photographers professionnal organisation Freelens!

1st September 2016 at 8pm Freelens Freelens photographer present their books in the Bar Babette in Berlin

8.30pm lecture: "Projections and realities with publishing houses" by Kai Wiedenhöfer, Documentary photographer. And: "From Dummy to photobook" by Antje Haferkamp in collaboration with Eva Gravayat, Fotobookfestival Kassel-Dummy Award

at 9pm music with Franz Geil (DJ-Set)


Julia Baier, Stefan Boness represented by Frau Bornholdt-Cassetti from Jovis Verlag, Verena Brüning, Sibylle Fendt, Ann-Christine Jansson, Thorsten Klapsch, Andrea Künzig, Amélie Losier, Wolfgang Müller, Lene Münch, Andreas Neubauer, Heike Steinweg, Kai Wiedenhöfer, Kerstin Zillmer

Portrait Lea Randorf . On assignment

August 2016 . Berlin

On assignment for the newspaper TAZ: Portrait of Lea Randorf, 23 years old, taking a gap year to work as a volunteer in environmental projects at the Britz Gardens in Berlin

Exhibition . Künstlersymposium

June 2016, Schönwalde

I was happy to be invited by Ingo Kuzia to be part of the 10. Havelländisches Künstlersymposium between 20th of Mai and 12th of June. 4 other photographers (Stefan Boness, Lene Münch, Karen Stuke, Peter Westphal) and I had 3 weeks to work on the topic "flüchtig" (ephemeral, fugacious...).

For 15 years I am living in Berlin: Berlin has become my city, its television tower my favorite symbol. When I return to Berlin, by car, by plane, and I see the TV tower, I know I'm home.

THE Tower in German, masculine, is LA tour in French, feminine. I ignore the phallic symbolism of the television tower and see instead a very beautiful woman with ample bosom... whom I greet with a loud « Bonjour Madame! » each time I see her in the city.

This small photofilm, quite different from my usual photojournalistic work, is my answer to the topic « flüchtig » (ephemeral, fugacious): a small, personal story - en passant precisely.

"Bonjour Madame", photofilm, 1 minute
10. Haveländisches Künstler-Symposium

On the road . Prinzenbad

June 2016 . Berlin

A summer swimming pool in Berlin... at one's own risk!

On a music by John Williams from the movie picture JAWS by Setven Spielberg (1975)

Please enjoy!


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