Book . Just like a Woman

April 2014 . The publishing house Nimbus, Kunst und Bücher is releasing a catalogue of my pictures from the exhibition "Just like a woman" (see below).
In this regard I would like to give many thanks again to Franziska Schmidt, who wrote all the texts and especially to Bernhard Echte, the publisher and editor of the catalogue. I never thought it would be able to make such a work in such a short time - most notably, that actually it is rather a book than a catalogue including more pictures than shown in the exhibition!
Kindly supported by the Bureau des arts platiques of French Institut Berlin and french Ministery for Culture and Communication.

Just like a Woman
New York City
112 pages
ISBN 978-3-907142-39-4

Exhibition . Just like a woman

April 2014 . Berlin
I'm pleased to invite you to the opening of my new exhibition "Just like a woman" about New York City on
april the 10th, 7pm
in the Gallery of the Tempelhof Museum which belongs to Haus am Kleistpark.
The artist Rachel Kohn from Frauenmuseum recommended me to Barbara Esch Marowski from Haus am Kleistpark. Lots of thanks to both of them! I am pleased and very grateful that expert in photography and great friend Franziska Schmidt from the auctions house Villa Grisebach is going to deliver the opening speech. She helped me so much by curating and selecting the pictures.

"Just like a woman" shows portraits of women and classic street photography, with the repetitive theme of reflections in multiple layers.
Also the photofilm "Just like a woman" 5min35, produced 2013 and projected at the Foundation Cartier in Paris, will be shown.

Galerie im Tempelhof Museum, Alt-Mariendorf 43, 12107 Berlin
11.04.2014 - 15.06.2014, free admission

Photo . Egyptian women

March 2014 . Cairo
I'm happy to start working on my latest project: I flew to Egypt a first time to take portraits of egyptian women combined with interviews and a reportage about them.
Egypt is going through a severe political crisis during the last months and lot of people is fighting for demand of equality and against the violation of human rights and especially women's rights. By my work, I want to approach egyptian women from different social environments, whose position in the society is depending on religion, education and the socioeconomic situation, in light of the question: what does it mean to be a woman in Egypt today? Therefor the german foundation VG Bild Kunst supports me with a scholarship.
To be continued...

Photo . On the Road

February 2014 . Winter Promenade in West Berlin
The Teufelsberg, german for Devil's Mountain, is one of the rare hills in the city and is named after the lake Teufelssee nearby. It is built out of nothing but debris and rubble from World War II. During the Cold War US-NSA built a large listening station on top of the hill, which has been abandoned after German reunification. The place turned to an underground location for lots of parties in the late 90's and is now nearly completly fallen into ruins.

Photo . Hanna Schygulla

January 2014 . Berlin
I was happy to be assigned by the Academy of Arts Berlin to take pictures at the opening of the exhibition "Dream Protocols" (Traumprotokolle) by famous german actress Hanna Schygulla, in the presence of the president of the Academy Klaus Staeck and Dieter Kosslick, the diretor of the International Film Festival Berlinale. Hanna Schygulla used to be the muse of director Rainer Werner Fassbinder, beginning working with him in the late sixties. Today Fassbinder's films with her - like "Effi Briest" or "Love Is Colder Than Death" - are all classics of the German cinema

Exhibition . Kleister at Hotel Bogota

December 2013 . Berlin
At the opening of the exhibition Kleister - Blue Monday in the 4th floor of the Hotel Bogota in Berlin. Thank you to © Chiara Dazi for making this picture of Joachim Rissmann, the manager of the Hotel, and me in front of my contribution wall to the exhibition: a series of hearts taken over the years during my travels, as declaration of love to the hotel, now definitely closing downs its doors in December

Photo . Joachim Rissmann

December 2013 . Berlin
I was happy to make a portrait of the owner of the Hotel Bogota Joachim Rissmann in his office before the move: since three generations the family Rissmann managed the Hotel. Because of rent rising, the Hotel is now definitely closing down its doors on the 18th of December. The Hotel Bogota had an extraordinary history beginning 1911 during Berlins Jazz Age. The photographer Helmut Newton learned his trade at a studio on the fifth floor during the 1930’s, starting as an assistant for the famous German fashion photographer Yva. During the years of the second world war the Nazis turned it into their Third Reich Chamber of Culture headquarters, but in 1945 the Chamber of Artist was founded there and the first Art Exhibition after war took place there. Over the years the Hotel Bogota saw film stars, rock stars and tourists soaking there just next to the Berlin's premier shopping street Kurfürstendamm

Exhibition . Berlin Paris

November 2013 . I'm pleased to invite you to the premiere of my photofilm:

Les mots s'envolent: la mémoire en exil
Words are flying away: the exiled memory
A photofilm by Amélie Losier
12.45 min., french with english subtitles

Wednesday 6th. november 2013
Bar Babette, Karl-Marx-Allee 36, 10178 Berlin

Beginning 8 pm
First screening 8.30 pm
Second screening 9.30 pm

The photofilm will be shown in Paris in the group exhibition:


with photographers of ParisBerlin>fotogroup, Caravan and Neunplus
Vernissage saturday 16th november 2013, 6 pm - 9 pm
Galerie Vincenz Sala, 52 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris


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