The Old Apple Tree, How to cultivate time . Photofilm

Le vieux Pommier, Comment paysager le temps
"The old Apple Tree, How to cultivate time"
(8 minutes, in french with english subtitles)

«A plant has its own life. In a garden we simply follow the time without noticing it». Olga Nasaroff, born in France from Russian parents, shaping since 20 years in the manner of a landscape architect a beautiful garden. By photographing and interviewing her, I am wondering: is her garden purely an artistic creation? Is it not a kind of therapy that gives her serenity? Or is it like an heritage of the roots her parents - my grand-parents - took on French soil?

Amélie Losier.

Produced 2015 in the context of the Exhibition project «GARTEN» (garden) by photographers collectiv ParisBerlin>Fotogroup, presented at Voies Off-Festival in Arles, France, and at Goethe Institut Paris, France.