RAWIYA, Woman in Egypt . TRAILER . Photofilm

RAWIYA is part of the photographic project SAYEDA, Women in Egypt.

SAYEDA, Women in Egypt is a photographic work about women in Egypt. The Berlin-based french photographer travelled to Egypt on various occasions between 2014 and 2016 to do portraits and interviews with women from different walks of life. RAWIYA is one the the women Amélie Losier met and made a reportage on, to show in a photofilm (6 minutes, arabic with english subtitles).

Many people in Egypt fight against violations of human, and in particular, women´s rights. In her work, Amélie Losier approaches Egyptian women from different social environments whose position in society depends on religion, education, age and socio-economic situation. Her work explores the issue of what it means to be a woman in Egypt today.

In 2014, Losier received a grant from the German foundation “VG Bild-Kunst” for this project. She was 2015 awarded the “Grenzgänger” grant from the Robert Bosch Foundation and Literarisches Colloqium Berlin, and her work was supported by the Goethe-Institut in Cairo. April 2016 in the 5th Image Festival Amman 2016, she presented a selection of 20 portraits.