DIE ZEIT, Videos of Toulon

I was happy to be assigned by DIE ZEIT to fly to Toulon, France, to make pictures (photos and video) of the city for the article of Annika Joeres about the stolen identity of a young french man. Chalid was accused of acts he'd never committed, but someone else made in his name. Chalid had a long way with french administration to recover his usurped identity

See also the picture series: I worked in photography a lot with reflections, to play with the feeling of being lost in a place while looking in two different directions at the same time

The article "We hat mein ICH geklaut?" (Who stole my I?), published in april 2015 in the Print edition and the Ipad-Edition, and in may 2015 online: http://www.zeit.de/2015/18/identitaetsdiebstahl-urteil-frankreich