Invisible Poeple, Berlinale Backstage

Invisible Poeple: Berlinale Backstage

With "Invisible Poeple: Berlinale Backstage" I take a look behind the scenes of the major International Film Festival in Berlin.

I capture on celluloid, what escapes the eyes beyond the red carpet: the ones who for the love of cinema build the light for the stars and stay themselves in the dark.

While the stars and filmmakers are standing in the limelight and the films are screened in the dark, others such as the projectionists, archivists, ushers, photographers, journalists, security, maintenance and many others are working for the festival.
Through this photographic project, I intend to make visible those whose hard work is often unseen and under-appreciated.
Without them such a magical festival would not be possible.

This project has been produced during the Magnum in Motion-Workshop in Berlin.
Amélie Losier.