Exhibition . Berlin Paris

November 2013 . I'm pleased to invite you to the premiere of my photofilm:

Les mots s'envolent: la mémoire en exil
Words are flying away: the exiled memory
A photofilm by Amélie Losier
12.45 min., french with english subtitles

Wednesday 6th. november 2013
Bar Babette, Karl-Marx-Allee 36, 10178 Berlin

Beginning 8 pm
First screening 8.30 pm
Second screening 9.30 pm

The photofilm will be shown in Paris in the group exhibition:


with photographers of ParisBerlin>fotogroup, Caravan and Neunplus
Vernissage saturday 16th november 2013, 6 pm - 9 pm
Galerie Vincenz Sala, 52 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris

Photos . Stalin Allee

October 2013 . Zeit Online is presenting a big [multimedia dossier about the former Stalin Allee, by now Karl-Marx Allee, built between 1949 and 1969 in east Berlin as one of the biggest prestige architecture project of the GDR

I was happy to be assigned by Zeit Online to make a series of pictures, street photography and portraits, along this huge avenue of 4,5 km long, beginning at Alexander Platz

The result is now online on


Photo . On the road

Juli 2013 . Oyster farming in french haven Bouzigues at Mediterranean Sea, on the way back from photo festival in Arles.

The picture has been published on Zeit Online

Exhibition . Voies off Arles

Juli 2013 . Arles
I'm pleased to invite you to the oppening of a group exhibition in the off photo-festival of Arles.
Vernissage 3rd of Juli, 6pm
Galerie Atelier, 22 rue Porte de Laure, 13200 Arles

I will show my last multimedia photo essay
"Words are flying away: the exiled memory" (12 minutes)

Soon after Andrée moved to live in a residency for elderly people, the doctors realized she had Alzheimer's disease.
I accompanied her in her daily life during five years, to make the portrait of an elderly person suffering from Alzheimer, a sad disease that becomes a metaphor for the aging: Andrée's memories were wiped away prematurely, and by the same the history of her family. My Family.
A chapter in a family vanishes while the historical memories of the last Pieds-Noirs from Algeria disappear.

Exhibition . Fondation Cartier Paris

April 2013 . The Foundation Cartier invited my sister Marie Losier to make a show evening about her work (unshowed pieces of her new films, performance, music..)
I am part of the invited guests! I will show my new photographie multimedia essay on New York "Just like a woman".
I would be very happy, if you want to come and discover her work and mine.

Nomadic Nights . April 29th . 8pm
"Marie Losier déménage": After 20 years in New York, the effervescent filmmaker Marie Losier is returning to Europe and is unpacking her crates at the Fondation Cartier, where she presents first-time screenings of dailies, in the company of her artist-friends from eccentric worlds.
With : Pauline Curnier Jardin, Simon Fravega, Julien Langendorff, Amélie Losier, Peaches, Joana Preiss and live from New York : Jonathan Caouette and Tony Conrad.

Fondation Cartier
261, Boulevard Raspail
75014 Paris, France

Photo . Portrait of Pinar Selek . Part ll

February 2013 . Berlin
A few years ago I made a portrait of the turkish sociologist, feminist and author Pinar Selek on assignment for the german newspaper taz.

Pinar Selek is now living in France writing her doctoral thesis and she has just been sentenced for life by the Istanbul High Criminal Court. The charge is for "terrorism", in spite of her work, which is engaged on the rights of vulnerable communities in Turkey.

Now that she is generating a lot of public and media interest, my picture of her, once published on, is getting a lot of attention as well and has been copied in a lot of newspapers and blogs in Germany, France, Switzerland and of course in Turkey. Not always in the interest of Pinar Selek, the taz or myself. And seldom with permission...

See exemples of the different websites below.

Photo . Portrait of Pinar Selek . Part l

Montage of different websites, where my portrait of Pinar Selek has been copied.

Photo . Christmas Tree

December 2012 . Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all of you !

I took this picture last year in Basel, Switzerland
It is now my new postcard


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