The Old Apple Tree, How to cultivate time

Le vieux Pommier, Comment paysager le temps
"The old Apple Tree, How to cultivate time"
(8 minutes, in french with english subtitles)

«A plant has its own life. In a garden we simply follow the time without noticing it». Olga Nasaroff, born in France from Russian parents, shaping since 20 years in the manner of a landscape architect a beautiful garden. By photographing and interviewing her, I am wondering: is her garden purely an artistic creation? Is it not a kind of therapy that gives her serenity? Or is it like an heritage of the roots her parents - my grand-parents - took on French soil?

Amélie Losier.

Produced 2015 in the context of the Exhibition project «GARTEN» (garden) by photographers collectiv ParisBerlin>Fotogroup, presented at Voies Off-Festival in Arles, France, and at Goethe Institut Paris, France.