The Old Lady, Academy of Fine Arts Berlin

Visit by an old lady
A portrait of the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin Tiergarten

A portrait in which it appears that time has stopped.

The poetry of materials, objects that speak for themselves to tell very personal stories.
There is calmness, light and not least the people.
People who fill the spaces with their body language, their presence and their engagement.
To give her a face - the face of the old lady at the Hanseatenweg.

Amélie Losier

"A young and engaged french photographer has used her young academy scholarship to, among other things, photograph the Academy of Fine Arts building at the Hanseatenweg - as well as the people that work inside it - from her very unique perspective. In trying to render the building to the viewer, she focuses on materials and details. The abstract forms that result are in contrast with the classical portrait-style pictures of colleagues sitting at their work places".

Barbara Klemm

Photographer and member of the Academy of Fine Arts Berlin

Exhibition, Akademie der Künste, Pariser Platz, Berlin, 2005