Rawiya, Her Life in Her Own Hands, SAYEDA, Women in Egypt

Rawiya, Her Life in Her Own Hands is part of the photographic project SAYEDA, Women in Egypt.

In her work "SAYEDA. Women in Egypt" the Berlin-based french photojournalist AMÉLIE LOSIER make the portrait of Egyptian women in an country between Arab Spring and military dictatorship: one of four taxi drivers in Cairo, the first candidate woman for presidential election, activists, workers, housewives, with or without headscarf. She bears witness to the feminine Egypt between economic growth and stagnation. The result is a photo book with 90 photographs and 30 interviews as well as three photofilms about the situation of women in Egypt.

"Rawiya, Her Life in Her Own Hands"
A photofilm by Amélie Losier
6 min, arabic with english subtitles.