Safaa, How a Word Can Change a World

"Safaa, How a Word Can Change a World"

Safaa was born in Irbid, Jordan, and studied Art at the University of Damascus and
Aleppo, where she specialised in jewellery making. There she met her husband, with
whom she opened a workshop for jewellery accessories until he was arrested in 2012 and
her house was bombed. She could escape to Jordan with her three children.

Settled down there, as she actually wanted to register for a further training as a jewellery
maker, a linguistic misunderstanding led to an unexpected and extensive turn in her life...

A photofilm by Amélie Losier, 8 min, in Arabic with English subtitles, 2020

The photographs for this photofilm were taken while a research grant from the Goethe
Institute Amman
with the support of the GIZ - Gesellschaft für Internationale
- in 2017.