Schiffbauerdamm 12, Arno Fischer and Sibylle Bergemann

Portrait of photographers Arno Fischer & Sibylle Bergemann

In 1976, Sibylle Bergemann and Arno Fischer moved to Schiffbauerdamm 12, next to Friedrichstrasse Station in Berlin.
This appartment was meeting place for photographers from all over the world. Helmut Newton, Robert Frank, René Burri, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Barbara Klemm, Joseph Koudelka, all came to this location... as did many more.

In april 2004, Sibylle Bergemann and Arno Fischer had to bid farewell after 28 years.
A five-day exposition took place and 5000 visitors stopped by.

Then the house was renovated.

Amélie Losier