Words Are Flying Away, The Exiled Memory

Words are flying away. The exiled memory

Few years ago, Andrée moved to live in a residency for elderly people. She tried to adapt to her new life there participating to the daily meals with the other patients and continued to organize her life on her own, despite her lack of mobility.

Very quickly, the doctors realized she had Alzheimer's disease. Andrée was forgetting to take her medicines, to go eat with the other residents, and started not recognizing her own children on the phone. Slowly she closed her world and stayed alone in her home killing time.

A part of her story and history was being lost with her loss of memory.

I accompanied her in her daily life, with my photo camera, a sound recorder and a video camera, and I wanted to paint the portrait of an elderly person suffering from Alzheimer, a sad disease that becomes a metaphor for the aging: Andrée's memories were wiped away prematurely, and by the same the history of her family. My Family.

The result of my work is a photofilm, an intimate portrait of Andrée, that depicts a sense of aging, of the Alzheimer's disease and a chapter in a family that vanishes while the historical memories of the last Pieds-Noirs from French Algeria disappear little by little.

Amélie Losier