ZEIT ONLINE, Back in the GDR, TV Serie Weissensee

Back in the GDR. Reportage about the shooting of german TV Series "Weissensee" for ZEIT ONLINE

On january 15th 1990, hundreds of people assault the Stasi, the Ministery of Secret Police in East-Germany.

I was happy to travel in the GDR I've never knew. In winter 2014 I was assigned from newspaper ZEIT ONLINE to make a pictures series during the film making of the german TV series "Weissensee", directed by Friedemann Fromm, about the time around the historic Fall of the berliner Wall. Set production director Frank Godt won already several prices for the decor reconstitution of the GDR coulisses.

My work was to produce pictures which give the viewer the first impression to be in the GDR again, and after a second look, to discover a detail which makes understand, that the pictures are made today...

ZEIT ONLINE shows now my pictures series in ZEIT Magazine: